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The Protocol Product Range at The Clinic

February 23rd, 2020 | Nathalie Fennell

At The Clinic, we take pride in our product ranges as you probably already know, this week we want to tell you about Protocol.  They are a skincare range that is based on the fundamental principle of collagen supplementation through capsules or drinks. 

We’ve all seen the various celebrity-endorsed collagen drinks and it took us a while to choose which was the best.  This one is great for a few reasons; firstly it actually works, our doctor has tried it and we’ve noticed a difference in our nails, hair AND skin after just 10 days of the highest dose shots.  And secondly, it tastes nice which is rare for a collagen shot, believe us, we’ve tried a few.

Taking a collagen drink that actually works means that you need an appropriate dose of collagen in the drink, in ours, we have 10,000mg per shot which is the maximum that can actually be absorbed, after that you’re just pouring it in but you’ve got no capacity to actually use it in your body.  You can buy them in packs, and you don’t need to take the highest dose all the time, maybe just when you’re in the run-up to something special like a wedding.

And the other fantastic thing about Protocol – we are the first clinic to develop a whole treatment based around their range.  Our Protocol facial combines their products with ultimate collagen-boosting radiofrequency and a glorious relaxing facial.  You’ll feel majorly refreshed and plumped after just one and after a course – we’ve seen amazing results. It is an hour-long treatment that costs just £60 or you can buy a course of 4 for £180 (means you get one free).

We stock from the Protocol range:

  • The Lift XL (collagen boosting and lifting under eye cream) £29.95
  • Collagen capsule supplements
  • Collagen boosting mask
  • Collagen shots 5000mg and 10,000mg

Pop in for more information and if you fancy trying one of our supplements the next time you’re in Clinic just let us know – we can make you one up to try before you buy.  Loving Protocol, loving our skin and LOVING the Protocol Facial.  Happy Sunday!

Dr. Nathalie Fennell

Why you should trust Alumier MD products?

February 16th, 2020 | Nathalie Fennell

It’s really hard to get doctors on board with any kind of product line, especially when it relates to skincare – it all seems to be so heavily marketed towards the beauty industry without much science behind it, which makes it hard to find something that you can truly trust is safe to recommend to your clients. When Dr Becky and Dr Nathalie opened The Clinic, it was Dr Becky who first met with Alumier MD to discuss stocking their product line in our premises and it’s safe to say she was unexpectedly blown away.

Alumier MD have impressed us for so many reasons; they are in line with our ethos to their very core as a business, particularly in respect of their “progressive not aggressive” mantra. Our therapists and doctors have completed days and days of training not just in their product lines but also in the in-clinic treatments that we can deliver. We use their products for homecare but also in our in-clinic chemical peels.

The Alumier MD science is impressive, they use active ingredients in all of their products but remain perfume-free and have no added extras (such as parabens and other nasties). Their product range is big enough that our therapists are able to build you a bespoke skincare plan whatever your concerns are. Their range focuses on the ability to treat four major skin conditions; acne, rosacea, pigmentation and ageing. Particularly with respect to rosacea, they are the only skincare line which has chemical peels that can be used for this very sensitive skin condition. The other huge appeal is their major focus on the use of an SPF, there isn’t a condition in the world that would not benefit from an SPF and as a plastic surgery led clinic we feel so passionate about the health benefits in terms of skin cancer prevention that we had to choose a range that felt the same. 

The skincare range starts from just £19.95 and contains everything from a cleanser through to a high strength retinol and specially formulated Vitamin C serums which are pretty much guaranteed to help all skin conditions. Our therapists are able to provide you with a consultation during which you can bring your existing products and listen to them explain what to substitute to what. We’ll never oversell to you, it’s okay to make gradual changes, but there are usually a few key products that can help you. 

We have seen amazing results just with home care for all of the conditions listed above, and similarly with our chemical peels (which are still on offer until the end of February). We are proud to be an Alumier MD training centre meaning we deliver training in the product line and in-clinic treatment systems frequently and work closely with Alumier and their amazing educators so that we can be in touch with the latest developments in their products.

I would urge you to book your skin consultation with one of our therapists today, bring your old products along and get involved with Alumier MD. It took a long time to find a range that impressed all of our doctors and now, you’ve even got Dr Susie using a full skincare regime (never thought we’d see the day)!

So don’t be a stranger and send us an email to reception@theclinicburton.co.uk, DM us on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll be happy to help.

How did our training go?

February 9th, 2020 | Nathalie Fennell

It was a huge day for Dr Nathalie and Dr Becky and everyone at The Clinic really when we opened our doors for the first time to our delegates training in Toxin and Filler.  The training school has been a long time in the set-up and has required Dr Becky to complete an additional teaching qualification.  We are proud to announce that we are fully sponsored by Merz Aesthetics for our training school, which means that we can provide all delegates with their high end online learning platform access.

We are also proud to announce that we are a Hamilton Fraser recommended course, this means that you can be insured by Hamilton Fraser (the UK’s leading cosmetic insurance) after training with us.

So, once all the paperwork was done – how did it actually go?  Well, our course coordinator Penny put on an excellent show of hospitality with food and drink provided throughout the day.  So that was a good start.  Our courses are deliberately kept to a small number of delegates, once they’ve been taught the basics (fundamentals of ageing and how to deal with emergencies) we can make the course very delegate led to learn at the rate that they’re able to and to make sure that they get out of it what they came for. 

We had four procedures for each of the delegates to do which is double the amount of models you can usually expect for an aesthetics course.  All models were carefully chosen to be appropriate for the course.  They knew what they wanted and had been seen by our doctors before the course to make sure they fully understood the process. All of our candidates were offered the opportunity to follow up with the models they had treated on the day in a fortnight when they come back for their follow-ups with our doctors.

Our delegates received training in the ageing face, managing expectations, delivering treatments as well as how to follow up and deal with complications or results that just weren’t quite right.

We loved having our delegates at The Clinic and we can’t wait to release our new dates to get the next lot of health care professionals through our doors!  We hope that all of our lovely ladies (but we do hope to take some blokes too next time!) left the course feeling fantastic, excited to face the aesthetic world and knowing that they’ve got Team Clinic in their back pocket if there are any issues.

And as always – we are always open to hearing your questions or feedback. Don’t be a stranger and send us an email to reception@theclinicburton.co.uk, DM us on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll be happy to help.

Love, Team Clinic 🖤

Dr Becky & Dr Nathalie

How to choose an Aesthetic Practitioner?

February 2nd, 2020 | Becky Haines

Aesthetic Practitioner – what does this mean? Currently, anyone can call themselves an aesthetic practitioner. Surprisingly, there are no laws or regulations around this title and it can often cause confusion when it comes to choosing the right practitioner for you.

Let’s delve deeper to what ‘qualified’ or ‘fully-qualified’ aesthetic practitioner actually refers to. Basically, these both mean the same: the person injecting you has been on a one day course (a course of attendance) to be shown how to handle a needle/syringe and given one to two models to ‘try out this technique’.

We’re not dismissing the practitioners out there that have an artistic-eye and can make a subtle difference or change something for the better. We’re highlighting the fact that people are having injections from ‘qualified practitioners’ with no respect for safety, ethics, the golden-ratios and other equations that keep a face aesthetically pleasing rather than distorting it… pretty scary really.

At The Clinic, we have about twenty acronyms between us. This includes a qualification in Beauty and Hairdressing, BTEC in Teaching, BSc (Hons) (We can tell you that knowing about apoptosis-induced cell death in mice sperm from chemotherapy is definitely not going to make us any better or safer coming near your face). MBChB which means we’ve all been to med school and qualified as surgeons (MRCS).

Does any of this make us any better than the next ‘aesthetic practitioner’?
Well the surgical part, particularly training in plastic surgery, well yes actually, that does make us a whole lot safer than the next celeb who decides to have a bash at injecting.
Why? Because time and time again we deal with the complications that arise through aesthetic injectables through the NHS, that even A&E doctors don’t know how to treat; and so more often than not, they end up under the care of the plastic surgery team. The fact that we study skin, facial surgery, aesthetics for years and operate on the face and its complexity of facial nerves/ vessels and muscles almost daily, we kind of are in a position to say ‘yes, we do know our way around facial anatomy, we are aware of the danger zones that can compromise eyesight and skin, better yet, we feel very happy to deal with the acute complications’. We’re not being blasé when we say that, and we’re remaining respectful to other professions, but this is why we feel strongly at The Clinic about not pretending to be anything we are not, and not overselling our numerous qualifications.

The industry needs to cut through all of the jargon and fancy words to distinguish ‘what a fully-qualified aesthetics practitioner actually is’. At the end of the day – you need a safe practitioner that you trust, one who will deal with you in a professional manner and not just when it comes to taking money from you, but to counsel you through perhaps not having a treatment or to deal with a complication without showing you the door or ignoring your complaint.

We can all use our acronyms and state ‘fully-qualified’ but at the end of the day how much do you really know? All patients have the right to safe, fair and appropriate treatment. #ethicalinjecting.

And as always – we would love to hear your questions or feedback. So don’t be a stranger and send us an email to reception@theclinicburton.co.uk, DM us on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll be happy to help.

Love, Team Clinic 🖤

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