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March 20th, 2020 | Nathalie Fennell

We are very much people-focused business and the health and well-being of our clients and staff will always be a number one priority.

Currently, the NHS is experiencing an unprecedented shortage of qualified doctors to help with the Coronavirus outbreak. Both Dr. Becky and Dr. Nathalie are currently helping the NHS working full time in the hospitals, therefore we cannot risk health and wellbeing of our clients and because of this, The Clinic will be closed as of Saturday 21st March, 4pm until further notice.

We advise you to only come to your appointment on Saturday if you are well and not in an at-risk group. We would rather all of our clients and staff remained healthy and we can sort your treatments when you are feeling better and are safe to return. Please do let us know if this affects you and you need to rearrange, pause or cancel your appointment.

We have a fantastic team at The Clinic who have stepped up to implement extra precautions during this challenging time and keep the practice as clean as possible. We hope this gives you some peace of mind if you are able to attend your appointment.

For any appointments scheduled post-Saturday (21st March), we will contact you and let you know what’s happening and next steps.

You’ve probably heard it numerous times but we can’t stress enough how important it is to wash your hands frequently using soap and water (for 20 seconds each time). Hand washing is the no.1 prevention of the spread of Covid-19.

Remember to hydrate the skin as regular use of soap and antibacterial gels can lead to our hands becoming chapped and sore. We would recommend using Proto-Col’s hand cream which is an instant antidote for dehydrated or busy hands, replenishing the skin with rich vitamin A, E and F. Also during this chaotic time don’t let your skincare regime slip, it takes hard work, determination and a good SPF to stay fabulous!

Did you know, you can buy all of our Alumier MD products* via our portal and get these delivered direct to your door, so don’t panic if you’re skincare supplies are running low. Shop now (*Online portal only available for existing AlumierMD customers only.)

Our heart goes out to those affected and send you get well wishes to you and your loved ones. Plus, a massive thank you to our doctors, and all the NHS medical staff around the world uniting together in such a worrying time.

Thank you for all your support and we hope to see you when we reopen!

We’re in this together. Stay safe.  

Team Clinic x

Why you should trust Alumier MD products?

February 16th, 2020 | Nathalie Fennell

It’s really hard to get doctors on board with any kind of product line, especially when it relates to skincare – it all seems to be so heavily marketed towards the beauty industry without much science behind it, which makes it hard to find something that you can truly trust is safe to recommend to your clients. When Dr Becky and Dr Nathalie opened The Clinic, it was Dr Becky who first met with Alumier MD to discuss stocking their product line in our premises and it’s safe to say she was unexpectedly blown away.

Alumier MD have impressed us for so many reasons; they are in line with our ethos to their very core as a business, particularly in respect of their “progressive not aggressive” mantra. Our therapists and doctors have completed days and days of training not just in their product lines but also in the in-clinic treatments that we can deliver. We use their products for homecare but also in our in-clinic chemical peels.

The Alumier MD science is impressive, they use active ingredients in all of their products but remain perfume-free and have no added extras (such as parabens and other nasties). Their product range is big enough that our therapists are able to build you a bespoke skincare plan whatever your concerns are. Their range focuses on the ability to treat four major skin conditions; acne, rosacea, pigmentation and ageing. Particularly with respect to rosacea, they are the only skincare line which has chemical peels that can be used for this very sensitive skin condition. The other huge appeal is their major focus on the use of an SPF, there isn’t a condition in the world that would not benefit from an SPF and as a plastic surgery led clinic we feel so passionate about the health benefits in terms of skin cancer prevention that we had to choose a range that felt the same. 

The skincare range starts from just £19.95 and contains everything from a cleanser through to a high strength retinol and specially formulated Vitamin C serums which are pretty much guaranteed to help all skin conditions. Our therapists are able to provide you with a consultation during which you can bring your existing products and listen to them explain what to substitute to what. We’ll never oversell to you, it’s okay to make gradual changes, but there are usually a few key products that can help you. 

We have seen amazing results just with home care for all of the conditions listed above, and similarly with our chemical peels (which are still on offer until the end of February). We are proud to be an Alumier MD training centre meaning we deliver training in the product line and in-clinic treatment systems frequently and work closely with Alumier and their amazing educators so that we can be in touch with the latest developments in their products.

I would urge you to book your skin consultation with one of our therapists today, bring your old products along and get involved with Alumier MD. It took a long time to find a range that impressed all of our doctors and now, you’ve even got Dr Susie using a full skincare regime (never thought we’d see the day)!

So don’t be a stranger and send us an email to reception@theclinicburton.co.uk, DM us on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll be happy to help.

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