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Happy International Women’s Day 🌷

March 8th, 2020 | Nathalie Fennell

What does international women’s week mean for us at The Clinic?  You’ve probably seen our social media, recognising scientists, athletes and businesswomen from all over the world who inspire our team to keep doing what they’re doing. 

For us, it’s not about man-bashing, or making sure that women come out on top, or forcing someone to be recognised for their gender alongside an achievement which actually is good enough on its’ own.  Sometimes people think they’re being kind with a comment like “AND she’s a woman?” or “AND she’s a mum?” and you know, you can take it either way.

At The Clinic we love every opportunity to champion anyone who is doing anything well, and so we’ve enjoyed sharing some of our favourite women with you this week.  We are an all-female team (at the moment) and it was really interesting talking to our doctors about who inspires them.  All of us have been fortunate enough to train with some fantastic female surgeons who have kept us going when times have got rough but equally we have inspiring friends and family in so many fields. 

When forced to choose, for Dr Becky and Dr Nathalie our most inspiring women are our mums who are remarkably similar.  Which probably makes sense as people mix us up all the time and we often think the same on everything.  Both our mums came from a background of love and not much else, they grew up with families that did as much as they could for them but they knew from day dot that they had to work hard.  They’ve both raised three children and paused careers to do that working as childminders to keep the pennies coming in but still being around for us growing up.  They’ve supported us through career changes, many many degrees, dodgy boyfriends, small children, various chaotic house moves and tonnes of totally random meltdowns and we could not be more grateful for them.  We still phone them now for the slightest thing and mine actually works with us she’s so brilliant.  So if you want an example of women who’ve done it all and who can put up with chaotic doctors as daughters you can look to our two diamonds. 

Here’s to you Penny and Ann, we’ll be raising a glass or 7 this Sunday, and to all of our readers, Happy International Women’s week one and all.

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