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Chemical Peel – Which one is right for me?

January 26th, 2020 | Nathalie Fennell

Are you all too young to remember THAT episode of Sex and The City? With Samantha (Kim Catrell) and her face burned off with one of the early chemical peels?

Do you remember Alex from Love Island who had a laser ablative procedure but everyone thought she had a chemical peel?  And she also looked bright red and like her face was going to fall off? 

Chemical peels can, by all means, be like this. You can have peels at different depths which create different levels of skin trauma which forces your body to enter a healing phase and essentially rebuild and rejuvenate your skin. At The Clinic, we don’t do the dramatic effect, very deep peels which cause a huge amount of downtime that I referenced in the two cases above. But, importantly, we do still get the results.

This is because we use the Alumier MD method which focuses on being “progressive rather than aggressive”. So for us, you may need a course of slightly shallower peels, and some homecare products, but, you won’t have those two weeks of needing to hide as a result. And the cost – almost the same, probably less. The deepest peels cost in excess of £1000 (the ones we don’t do) and a course of peels (6) and homecare with us is going to come in at less than £650 and you’ll have home care products to last you months included in that.

So, our peels, take off the very top layer of skin, they also use products which penetrate deeper and encourage cell rejuvenation from deeper within the dermal layer. All of our peels are bespoke, we can patchwork the products across your face to focus on the problem areas and make sure that we are targeting issues such as acne, fine lines or pigmentation. We can even target rosacea with Alumier (one of the few brands that can).

And the reason for this chemical peel chat? Now is the best time of year to have it, because you need to very careful with an SPF for a week afterwards, and with the lack of sunshine in the UK at the moment, you can get away with just putting it on once a day. 

In conclusion, all of the peels are safe, the worst you will experience is a little redness and peeling a few days later (but not all of them make you physically peel even) and we’ll build you up with your results rather than giving you two weeks of Kim Catrell or Alex from Love Island.

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions or would like to find out more about Chemical Peels. Get in touch with us by sending an email to reception@theclinicburton.co.uk, or simply DM us on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll get back to you.

Love, Team Clinic 🖤

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