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Should I have anything done? What can you recommend? Which products are the best? What are the risks? Will it work for me?

At The Clinic, we pride ourselves in being able to advise on and deliver the highest quality of non-surgical aesthetic treatments. With a combined experience of 9 years in non-surgical aesthetics and over 15 years in the beauty industry we have seen things come and go, fashions and trends that stick and some that don’t, products that deliver and some that are a complete flop.

We’re here to answer the questions, and to tailor your treatment to suit each individual client. Everything we offer is bespoke to you, even if you want a simple treatment we’ll make sure it is made to fit you perfectly.

All consultations are no obligation and any deposit paid is completely refundable if we can’t find a treatment to suit you, but please come and see us even if it’s just for a chat. Our aim is to raise the profile of safe non-surgical aesthetic practise and show that it can give great results with minimal risk.

Best Practice, Aesthetics and Parliament

We are ‘Best Practice Representatives’ for the Parliamentary Review. This means that our opinions and thoughts on aesthetic medicine will be shared in one of the most prestigious publications this year. Dr Becky and Dr Nathalie will go to parliament on 17 March 2020 to speak to some of the really influential people about how things need to be better regulated and try to get a best practice standard for all of us.

Parliamentary Review

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Fine Lines

Fine lines reduction with botulinum toxin

“Botox” is a brand, it’s been around for over 30 years, the drug is “botulinum toxin”. Small injections of this drug (way less than it takes to cause problems throughout the body) can stop the muscles in your face from moving so much, because the muscles move less you form less lines in the areas of concern.

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Hyaluronic acid fillers

We don’t use permanent fillers, and the days of collagen and Lesley Ash are long since gone, we stick to hyaluronic acid fillers which are from reputable providers. Our preferred fillers brand is Belotero from Merz Aesthetics. There are so many different types within each brand and one thing that our experienced practitioners can do is make sure that we offer you the right product.

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Profhilo is a law unto itself, it’s something else and the results are amazing. If you want a general rejuvenation, improvement in skin quality and a bit of a lift, and you want it done gradually with minimal down time and you’re hoping for long lasting then Profhilo is for you.

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Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP Treatments

Heard of the vampire facelift? Seen those pictures of Kim with blood on her face and various other celebs? This is it, it can sound scary but promise we know what we’re doing. You take a blood sample (around 10mL) and spin it down to get the PRP (platelet rich plasma) out, this can then be used on top of micro-needling or as a filler to give you the ultimate in rejuvenation.

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Non Invasive Lipo

Lipofirm MED

Seen those Love Island bums, thighs and tums? Seen those slimline necks and lifted cheeks on TV? Yep, some of it is airbrushing and lighting but some of it is Lipofirm MED. It took us ages to choose our body contour machine and now we’ve got Lipofirm on board, we’ll never look back!

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Other Treatments

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We do offer other treatments, such as Skin Peels and Micro Needling, if there is something you've had done before that worked or if you've heard of a treatment and want to talk about it, get in touch and we'll happily consult to find the best treatment for you.

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Meet The Team

Dr Natalie

Dr Nathalie

Medical Director

I have been working in non-surgical aesthetics since 2012, I was really interested in it very early in my medical career and have done a multitude of training courses all over the UK. I’ve always had an interest in aesthetics, before becoming a doctor I wanted to be a hairdresser and I am also a qualified make-up artist.

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Dr Becky

Clinical Director

I am a plastic surgery registrar working within the East Midlands Deanery. I qualified from Warwick medical school in 2011 and have done much of my training in Leeds, Yorkshire. I love the variation of plastic and reconstructive surgery; trauma, breast reconstruction, skin cancer operations, aesthetics and so much more.

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Dr Susie

Lead Clinical Practitioner

I’ve been working in non-surgical aesthetics since 2017 alongside working in the NHS as a surgeon in the East Midlands. I've been a qualified Doctor for 6 years and a surgeon for 3 of those years. I’m hugely excited to be working for The Clinic, it has a real team focus so if one of us can’t help you rest assured we will find someone at The Clinic that can!

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