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The Protocol Product Range at The Clinic

February 23rd, 2020 | Nathalie Fennell

At The Clinic, we take pride in our product ranges as you probably already know, this week we want to tell you about Protocol.  They are a skincare range that is based on the fundamental principle of collagen supplementation through capsules or drinks. 

We’ve all seen the various celebrity-endorsed collagen drinks and it took us a while to choose which was the best.  This one is great for a few reasons; firstly it actually works, our doctor has tried it and we’ve noticed a difference in our nails, hair AND skin after just 10 days of the highest dose shots.  And secondly, it tastes nice which is rare for a collagen shot, believe us, we’ve tried a few.

Taking a collagen drink that actually works means that you need an appropriate dose of collagen in the drink, in ours, we have 10,000mg per shot which is the maximum that can actually be absorbed, after that you’re just pouring it in but you’ve got no capacity to actually use it in your body.  You can buy them in packs, and you don’t need to take the highest dose all the time, maybe just when you’re in the run-up to something special like a wedding.

And the other fantastic thing about Protocol – we are the first clinic to develop a whole treatment based around their range.  Our Protocol facial combines their products with ultimate collagen-boosting radiofrequency and a glorious relaxing facial.  You’ll feel majorly refreshed and plumped after just one and after a course – we’ve seen amazing results. It is an hour-long treatment that costs just £60 or you can buy a course of 4 for £180 (means you get one free).

We stock from the Protocol range:

  • The Lift XL (collagen boosting and lifting under eye cream) £29.95
  • Collagen capsule supplements
  • Collagen boosting mask
  • Collagen shots 5000mg and 10,000mg

Pop in for more information and if you fancy trying one of our supplements the next time you’re in Clinic just let us know – we can make you one up to try before you buy.  Loving Protocol, loving our skin and LOVING the Protocol Facial.  Happy Sunday!

Dr. Nathalie Fennell

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