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March 20th, 2020 | Nathalie Fennell

We are very much people-focused business and the health and well-being of our clients and staff will always be a number one priority.

Currently, the NHS is experiencing an unprecedented shortage of qualified doctors to help with the Coronavirus outbreak. Both Dr. Becky and Dr. Nathalie are currently helping the NHS working full time in the hospitals, therefore we cannot risk health and wellbeing of our clients and because of this, The Clinic will be closed as of Saturday 21st March, 4pm until further notice.

We advise you to only come to your appointment on Saturday if you are well and not in an at-risk group. We would rather all of our clients and staff remained healthy and we can sort your treatments when you are feeling better and are safe to return. Please do let us know if this affects you and you need to rearrange, pause or cancel your appointment.

We have a fantastic team at The Clinic who have stepped up to implement extra precautions during this challenging time and keep the practice as clean as possible. We hope this gives you some peace of mind if you are able to attend your appointment.

For any appointments scheduled post-Saturday (21st March), we will contact you and let you know what’s happening and next steps.

You’ve probably heard it numerous times but we can’t stress enough how important it is to wash your hands frequently using soap and water (for 20 seconds each time). Hand washing is the no.1 prevention of the spread of Covid-19.

Remember to hydrate the skin as regular use of soap and antibacterial gels can lead to our hands becoming chapped and sore. We would recommend using Proto-Col’s hand cream which is an instant antidote for dehydrated or busy hands, replenishing the skin with rich vitamin A, E and F. Also during this chaotic time don’t let your skincare regime slip, it takes hard work, determination and a good SPF to stay fabulous!

Did you know, you can buy all of our Alumier MD products* via our portal and get these delivered direct to your door, so don’t panic if you’re skincare supplies are running low. Shop now (*Online portal only available for existing AlumierMD customers only.)

Our heart goes out to those affected and send you get well wishes to you and your loved ones. Plus, a massive thank you to our doctors, and all the NHS medical staff around the world uniting together in such a worrying time.

Thank you for all your support and we hope to see you when we reopen!

We’re in this together. Stay safe.  

Team Clinic x

£100 Beauty Booster

March 15th, 2020 | Nathalie Fennell

We see a lot of products come and go in the aesthetics industry – at The Clinic, we always try to take the time to choose which ones are right for us to bring to you.  We get a lot of brand reps coming through the door who furiously believe they’ve got the next best thing and sometimes they really do talk the talk (which is fair enough, it’s good to believe in your product). 

When the beauty booster came in with our lovely rep from Teoxane we did do that whole “this is too good to be true” reaction if we’re honest. 1mL of pure hyaluronic acid goodness that you can inject right into the skin to boost it within a few days?  Surely that’s not for real.  But we tried it and it really does work. 

Before & after. Photograph Courtesy of Prof. Giuseppe Sito

So the Beauty Booster as it’s called is a quick fix to refresh your skin.  As you probably already know the key ingredient for fillers is hyaluronic acid, this can be formulated in different ways to make it purer, softer or firmer.  The Beauty Booster is the purest hyaluronic acid that we’ve found, it is really soft and can be injected into the dermis (the collagen holding part) of the skin as well as just under it in tiny microinjections where you release the smallest amount of product you can.

The effect of this pure hyaluronic acid is to hydrate and plump the skin, it literally gives you a glow like you’ve been on holiday (or slept for a week – wouldn’t that be nice).  You start to see the effects the next day even and they’ll continue to develop for about a week.  It then lasts up to three months, 1mL could be used across both sides of the face to hydrate almost your whole skin, they also do a 3mL version which you can use for all over the face and into the neck where the treatment is excellent for slightly crepey skin that you can sometimes see there. The effect of this pure hyaluronic acid is to hydrate and plump the skin, it literally gives you a glow like you’ve been on holiday (or slept for a week – wouldn’t that be nice).  You start to see the effects the next day even and they’ll continue to develop for about a week.  It then lasts up to three months, 1mL could be used across both sides of the face to hydrate almost your whole skin, they also do a 3mL version which you can use for all over the face and into the neck where the treatment is excellent for slightly crepey skin that you can sometimes see there.

Before & after. Photograph Courtesy of Dr Redka-Swoboda

And probably one of the most wonderful elements of it – it’s only £100, it takes just 15 minutes and the downtime is minimal.  You might get a tiny bruise somewhere but because it is so pure and subtle you won’t see large bruises or significant swelling.

Fancy it?  Call our reception team and we’ll happily get you booked in for the Beauty Booster with one of our doctors.  And, as per Clinic rules, if you want to know more before proceeding, book it as consultation and we’ll happily go into more depth.

Much love, Team Clinic 🖤

Chemical Peel – Which one is right for me?

January 26th, 2020 | Nathalie Fennell

Are you all too young to remember THAT episode of Sex and The City? With Samantha (Kim Catrell) and her face burned off with one of the early chemical peels?

Do you remember Alex from Love Island who had a laser ablative procedure but everyone thought she had a chemical peel?  And she also looked bright red and like her face was going to fall off? 

Chemical peels can, by all means, be like this. You can have peels at different depths which create different levels of skin trauma which forces your body to enter a healing phase and essentially rebuild and rejuvenate your skin. At The Clinic, we don’t do the dramatic effect, very deep peels which cause a huge amount of downtime that I referenced in the two cases above. But, importantly, we do still get the results.

This is because we use the Alumier MD method which focuses on being “progressive rather than aggressive”. So for us, you may need a course of slightly shallower peels, and some homecare products, but, you won’t have those two weeks of needing to hide as a result. And the cost – almost the same, probably less. The deepest peels cost in excess of £1000 (the ones we don’t do) and a course of peels (6) and homecare with us is going to come in at less than £650 and you’ll have home care products to last you months included in that.

So, our peels, take off the very top layer of skin, they also use products which penetrate deeper and encourage cell rejuvenation from deeper within the dermal layer. All of our peels are bespoke, we can patchwork the products across your face to focus on the problem areas and make sure that we are targeting issues such as acne, fine lines or pigmentation. We can even target rosacea with Alumier (one of the few brands that can).

And the reason for this chemical peel chat? Now is the best time of year to have it, because you need to very careful with an SPF for a week afterwards, and with the lack of sunshine in the UK at the moment, you can get away with just putting it on once a day. 

In conclusion, all of the peels are safe, the worst you will experience is a little redness and peeling a few days later (but not all of them make you physically peel even) and we’ll build you up with your results rather than giving you two weeks of Kim Catrell or Alex from Love Island.

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions or would like to find out more about Chemical Peels. Get in touch with us by sending an email to reception@theclinicburton.co.uk, or simply DM us on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll get back to you.

Love, Team Clinic 🖤

Training at The Clinic

January 19th, 2020 | Nathalie Fennell

What does it take to be a good aesthetic practitioner?  The truth be known, it is really hard to define this.  At The Clinic, we believe in two different aspects of training that we hope makes us the best in the business. 

Firstly we believe that the ethics of aesthetics are incredibly important; this is why we have an ethical injecting policy at The Clinic.  It helps to focus the mind, away from a money-driven environment to force practitioners to think “Is this the right thing that I’m doing for my patient?”. Patients, seeking aesthetic procedures, can be vulnerable, they can have low confidence and can struggle, in the extreme, with body dysmorphic disorder.  For us, if you as a practitioner can answer truly that you are only doing procedures that are right for the patient, then you’ve conquered the first major hurdle.

Secondly, it’s an appreciation of the actual art of aesthetics, and this appreciation has to be underpinned by training and understanding of the products available and the best way to deliver them.  Obtaining this second step is hard, and we appreciate that. 

We opened our training school this month and our first courses will run on 1st and 2nd February. Each day can be taken as a separate entity and we will train healthcare professionals in basic toxin and introductory fillers.  Each of our courses can then be used as a contribution to the holy grail of aesthetics, the Level 7 qualification.  Our courses will stand out from the crowd as they set out not only how to deliver the more simple treatments in aesthetics but also, how to fully assess your client and manage their expectations about what you can achieve for them.  In our experience, making sure that you know the results you can get, is fundamental to making sure that you have a trusted relationship with your patients.

You will leave one of our courses, delivered at our state of the art training school and taught by our two most senior clinicians who both work as plastic surgery registrars in the NHS (Nathalie Fennell and Rebecca Rollett), knowing that you have a support network with The Clinic that if you want it, will always be there.  Following your training day, you will be able to book further shadowing days where we can assess your abilities further and help you to develop in particular, your consultation skills.  You will of course also leave with a good understanding of the products we use, all by Merz Aesthetics, and the building blocks to set up your own practice.

Agenda for both days:

Day 1:  Introduction to Toxin

  • The consultation process
  • Managing patient expectations and consent
  • Medicines management
  • Prescribing toxin
  • Administering upper face toxin (2-3 models provided to train on)
  • Follow up and best practice guidelines
  • Introduction to managing adverse events/complications/dissatisfactory results
  • Setting up your aesthetics business

Day 2:  Introduction to Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

  • The consultation process
  • Managing patient expectations and consent
  • When is surgery more appropriate?
  • Prescribing fillers and other associated medications
  • Treating nasolabial folds, the lower face and cheeks
  • Complications of fillers
  • Follow up and best practice guidelines
  • Introduction to managing adverse events and dissatisfactory results
  • Setting up your aesthetics business

On completion of the training, you will receive a certificate from The Clinic Academy, which is recognised by the insurers Hamilton Fraser and enables you to start your own journey in aesthetic practice.

Finally, we can never promise, but, we are always looking for people who will fit well into our team.  And if that’s you, and you like how we work, please do tell us.  If you would like to train with us please contact penny@theclinicburton.co.uk who is our training course co-ordinator.  All courses are £1000 per day incl. of VAT. 

Looking forward to see you all!

Love, Team Clinic 🖤

The Clinic Lips

January 11th, 2020 | Nathalie Fennell

The clinic lips are our trademark procedure, we pride ourselves in treating not just the lip but the whole mouth area to make sure that your treatment looks right for you. In order to create our natural plump look we use a range of products from Merz Aesthetics called Belotero, these are a group of hyaluronic acid fillers which come in four different preparations to make sure that we have every tool available to us so that we can create a lip that is bespoke to you.

It is amazing how anti-ageing a lip treatment with us can be; we can use our range of products to target the fine lines around the lips sometimes referred to as “smokers lines” whilst at the same time taking a different product to build fullness in the top lip that can fade with age. When targeting lips for our older clients we can also look at the corners of the mouth which in time “turn down” with age and using clever techniques learned by Dr Nathalie and Dr Becky on the Merz Masterclass last year, we can lift those corners back to a youthful refreshed smile.

For some people lips are not for anti-ageing, they’re just for the purpose of achieving the plump, smooth feminine appearance of luscious lips and at The Clinic we can do that too. In some cases, we may combine our finer product “lips contour” with our more plumping product “lips shape” to create the perfect lip outline as well as a plump lip body.

In a few of our clients, the “gummy smile” is a worry, it can be a problem when trying to smile with confidence if you are worrying that too much gum is on show. If that’s you, come and talk to us, we can use carefully placed toxin as part of your lip treatment to make sure that you don’t have to hold back on your grin. The muscles that pull your top lip up will relax slightly and your smile will show less teeth and more happiness.

If you want to talk more about lips and the product ranges we have then give us a call on 01283 205533 and book a consultation with one of our doctors. Check out our social media (Facebook or Instagram) to see the beautiful lips we can create for you. 

We are Belotero Lips Merz approved clinic meaning even the makers of the product have given us their major stamp of approval.  

Everyone loves to smile and sometimes the little tweaks we can offer you will give you that boost that you need to have confidence in your grin, and ultimately smile more.

See you at The Clinic! 🖤

Deso Face

Rapid fat loss anyone?

April 8th, 2019 | Becky Haines

Can I really have an injection to help get rid of my fat?

We get asked this a lot, whilst we would always recommend a healthy life style with regular exercise sometimes we just need a little help. The answer is Yes! At the clinic we have a treatment designed to help you lose those persistent pockets of fat (love handles, inner arms, areas between the thighs, tummy fat etc) that are normally difficult to get rid of despite diets and exercising.

How does it work? We use a brand called Deso but you may also have heard of Aqualyx and Kybella. The active ingredient is deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is a ‘cytolytic’ medications, this means it helps break down certain cells (fat cells in the case of Deso).  After numbing cream is applied we inject the area with Deso. This process takes around fifteen minutes. After a few weeks, you will notice the fat disappear. A course of six will be needed at four weekly intervals for fat pockets on the body and a course of two to four for double chins.

Who can’t have Deso? Pregnant or breastfeeding patients. Patients with a blood disorder such as low platelets (thrombocytopenia) or patients on blood thinning medications such as warfarin or rivaroxaban.

What are the risks of Deso? There is a small risk of bruising at the injection sites; risk of infection to the surrounding skin, minimal because of the environment in which you will be in at the time of treatment; here is a small risk of lumpiness under the chin (not usually visible to others) but this settles with time over a few weeks.

Come in and see Dr Becky or Dr Nathalie if you would like to discuss this in some more detail and see what we can do for you.

The botox lip flip procedure and more besides

March 11th, 2019 | Nathalie Fennell

Our last blog post on toxin has hopefully left you with an understanding of the botox eyebrow lift that is second to none. Today we will unveil some lesser known intricacies of toxin options that mean that this treatment can be used not just as a treatment for fine lines in the upper face.

We have had a few enquiries about the lip flip procedure – it is essentially tiny tiny tiny injections of toxin across the top lip used to lift out the edge of the top lip which often becomes less defined with age.  It is also a treatment for smokers lines which are pretty stubborn to get rid of.

In our client group over the age of 40 lots of you point to the lower face in your consultations, the little jowly bit along the jaw, and some of you mention a “down-turned smile” or looking like you have a droopy mouth.  One of the clever things we can do with toxin, which works by stopping muscles from moving, is stop the little muscles that pull the corners of the mouth downwards from doing so. As a result you won’t be able to gurn…small price to pay for lifting the corners of your mouth and softening the jowls a bit…?  

Another great use of toxin is in the neck, which is one of the crucial areas that many of you complain about with ageing. Treating the neck is a crucial part of a surgical facelift and that is also true for any non surgical facelift treatment.  At The Clinic we can use toxin to treat the lower face and neck to cause skin tightening and a more defined jawline.  It is important to have a consultation first as not everyone is appropriate. But there are great success stories with this, it is sometimes termed the Nefertiti Lift in honour of the Egyptian queen with a famously defined jawline.

And finally for today we have the gummy smile treatment, anyone hate smiling because it shows their gums?  We’ve had so many clients who hadn’t realised you could do anything about this until our recent Instagram before and after.  But we can, a small injection into the muscles that pull up each side of your mouth and we’re there, you can still smile, but you’ll be showing less gum.  
Need more confidence?  It is what we’re all about – come and see us for the more subtle toxin treatments for the things described above.  And if it is right for you, we’ll happily help you out. www.theclinicburton.co.uk

The old ones are the best – “toxin” – the first cosmetic treatment for fine lines

March 11th, 2019 | Nathalie Fennell

When I qualified I said to so many people “I can’t wait to do a botox course”.  I knew a few people who had had it done and I used to be so sure I could spot it but in reality I couldn’t really, because it takes quite a bit to understand it.  I can spot it now, a mile off, if you’ve had the usual three areas, but toxin is so much more than that. Botox of course is a brand name, as are dysport, bocouture and azzalure.  In reality they’re all pretty much the same. So we should just say toxin.

The best non-surgical cosmetic treatments are the ones you can’t see and the ones that give you minimal down time. Toxin is definitely one of those, and I frequently say it’s one of the safest drugs I use.  As NHS doctors we are constantly assessing the risks and benefits of medications and often there are many side effects. Toxin in reality, in the doses required for cosmetic treatments is the perfect drug:

  • It stays where you put it
  • It requires minimal dosing
  • It does not have a systemic effect
  • It wears off in three months without any long lasting problems

It’s like the perfect crime.

The most common thing you’ll see is paying for toxin by area, classically it’s three areas.  In reality everyone gets confused “I want to botox eyebrow lift”.  What this means is the look that you get where your eyebrow arches nicely and you feel lifted.   It’s a real skill to perfect this, and it’s the result of the combined effect of the classic three areas.  Stopping the muscles moving between your eyebrows (glabella – area number 1) means you aren’t pushing down and frowning.  Result – you feel lifted. Toxin in the forehead (forehead – area number 2) if you put it in right, focuses on the central aspect of your forehead and lets the edges still move and still pull up.  Result – eyebrows lift slightly at the sides, wonderful eyebrow arch. Toxin around the eyes (crows feet – area number 3), it’s a small amount and it is the most technically challenging to get right of the classic three areas, it opens up the eyes when you laugh and smile and it stops your eyebrows from pulling down.  Result – the upper face opens up, you can still smile with your eyes and you feel totally lifted.

So the toxin three areas is the botox eyebrow lift, not everyone can have it which is why the best thing to do is to visit www.theclinicburton.co.uk to book in with one of our practitioners for a consultation to work out what is the best treatment for you.

Check out the next blog post for more on other procedures you can do with toxin “the botox lip flip procedure” specifically.

The botox lip flip procedure? Do you really need it? #ethicalinjecting

February 28th, 2019 | Nathalie Fennell

We’ve been mentioning ethical injecting since we opened…but we haven’t really explained it.  It is The Clinic, and it is who we are and what we are all about.

In a world where the best non-surgical cosmetic treatments have a huge presence on social media, in the press and all over the celebrity world, it is so easy to get sucked into the need to be the person who was first to get the new “botox lip flip procedure” that is all over the internet.

Non-surgical anti-ageing treatments were designed to be just that – anti-ageing and non-surgical.  They were not designed to make everyone look the same with lips disproportionate to their face and their jawline so tight they were unrecognisable. They certainly were not designed to end up generating a whole new subspecialty in surgery to correct the complications and yet this is what is happening.  All for a treatment that was supposed to be non-surgical.

Ethical means to relate to moral principles.  At The Clinic that is what we are trying to do, we’re trying to bring this world that has gone slightly mad into the realms of reality.  We are the people you can come to and if it is wrong for you we will tell you, if we can’t do it or your expectations are unachievable we’ll be honest.  Fillers and toxin can be used as a fantastic cosmetic treatment for fine lines, they can be used really cleverly to make a non-surgical facelift treatment and could, to a degree, be a bit of a facelift without the surgery cost.  But, and you knew there was a but, there are limits, and the best practitioners will know that.  

If you want to book a no obligation consultation you will always be able to at The Clinic, if you want to just get good advice on what the best thing for you to do is then don’t google “low cost skin fillers”.  Start googling ethical injecting.  We need to make it a thing. That is what The Clinic Burton is all about.

Doing the right treatment for you, delivered by an appropriately qualified doctor.  And if you want the “botox lip flip procedure” and it’s right for what you want to achieve, we’ll do it, and we’ll do it best.  

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