Photography Policy


Clinical photography and video recordings are a valuable part of assessing and evidencing indications and outcomes for aesthetics treatments. The value of clinical photography in aesthetic treatments lies in the ability achieve repeated views over time and adding objective visual confirmation of results. Clinical photographs are confidential medical records which contain sensitive personal information.

Purpose of the Policy

Give guidance to all staff to ensure that clinical photography undertaken to support the aesthetic treatment of each client is carried out in a safe, secure and confidential means.

Staff Responsibility

All staff at The Clinic are responsible for:

  • Assessing when a clinical photograph is required
  • Obtaining and recording appropriate consent from the patient
  • Ensuring that all reasonable steps are taken to ensure the confidentiality and security of the photographs
  • Where there is a need to, transferring images only via The Clinic share point
Photographic Equipment

Only digital cameras supplied by The Clinic should be used and they should be maintained and checked regularly. The photographing staff member should ensure that the correct date and time is set on the camera/device.

Taking the Photograph

When taking photographs consideration must be given at all times to protect the client’s identity within the photograph itself. Care must be taken to respect the dignity of the client. It is important that The Clinic photography suite is used wherever possible to ensure a uniform background and lighting. Positioning of the client should be as per the standard teaching depending on the area being photographed.

Monitoring and Compliance

The GDPR and privacy lead at The Clinic (Nathalie Fennell) will be responsible for audit and review of procedure with respect to this policy.

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