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January 11th, 2020 | Nathalie Fennell

The clinic lips are our trademark procedure, we pride ourselves in treating not just the lip but the whole mouth area to make sure that your treatment looks right for you. In order to create our natural plump look we use a range of products from Merz Aesthetics called Belotero, these are a group of hyaluronic acid fillers which come in four different preparations to make sure that we have every tool available to us so that we can create a lip that is bespoke to you.

It is amazing how anti-ageing a lip treatment with us can be; we can use our range of products to target the fine lines around the lips sometimes referred to as “smokers lines” whilst at the same time taking a different product to build fullness in the top lip that can fade with age. When targeting lips for our older clients we can also look at the corners of the mouth which in time “turn down” with age and using clever techniques learned by Dr Nathalie and Dr Becky on the Merz Masterclass last year, we can lift those corners back to a youthful refreshed smile.

For some people lips are not for anti-ageing, they’re just for the purpose of achieving the plump, smooth feminine appearance of luscious lips and at The Clinic we can do that too. In some cases, we may combine our finer product “lips contour” with our more plumping product “lips shape” to create the perfect lip outline as well as a plump lip body.

In a few of our clients, the “gummy smile” is a worry, it can be a problem when trying to smile with confidence if you are worrying that too much gum is on show. If that’s you, come and talk to us, we can use carefully placed toxin as part of your lip treatment to make sure that you don’t have to hold back on your grin. The muscles that pull your top lip up will relax slightly and your smile will show less teeth and more happiness.

If you want to talk more about lips and the product ranges we have then give us a call on 01283 205533 and book a consultation with one of our doctors. Check out our social media (Facebook or Instagram) to see the beautiful lips we can create for you. 

We are Belotero Lips Merz approved clinic meaning even the makers of the product have given us their major stamp of approval.  

Everyone loves to smile and sometimes the little tweaks we can offer you will give you that boost that you need to have confidence in your grin, and ultimately smile more.

See you at The Clinic! 🖤

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