Toxin: The Facts

January 18th, 2020 | Nathalie Fennell

This feels like we’re writing out The Clinic consent form for Botulinum Toxin, and if we had a pound for every time a client who has been treated elsewhere said: “I’ve never been told that before…” You know the rest of the story…

Botulinum toxin is a drug – correct.  A brand name is Botox, which was the first prep marketed by Allergan that works very well. We use Bocouture, a brand by Merz Pharma. It does not require refrigeration and when we used to work mobile this felt a lot safer. The science of the way this particular brand formulated their toxin is incredible. But let’s not get too geeky… Botulinum Toxin is the crucial ingredient. 

And here is the headline. If you have lines in your upper face (forehead, between your eyebrows, or crows feet) that are mostly there when you move, toxin is the first consideration. If the lines are there even when you’re not moving, you might still be able to have it, but, the results aren’t going to be as good. Why?  Why? Why? Because Toxin works by stopping the muscles from moving, and so, if you’ve got lines caused by movement, they’ll go. If they’re still there when you’re not moving, taking the movement away, may not make as much difference as you might like.

So when you come for your follow up, which is where we can make small tweaks to your treatment if you need it, we’ll look for leftover movement, not leftover lines. Most people like the sensation and the results of their toxin, it is rarely this that gives the fake puffed up look that people so desperately want to avoid. Occasionally you can feel like your forehead is too heavy, and if you get this, your practitioner should be able to take you through this and make sure it goes away as quickly as possible.

Make sense? Hope so. But we would love to hear your questions, so if you’re interested – send us an email to reception@theclinicburton.co.uk, DM us on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll answer you. 

Love, Team Clinic 🖤

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