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Seen those Love Island bums, thighs and tums? Seen those slimline necks and lifted cheeks on TV? Yep, some of it is airbrushing and lighting but some of it is Lipofirm MED. It took us ages to choose our body contour machine and now we’ve got Lipofirm on board, we’ll never look back!

We can offer you skin tightening, fat reduction, targeted cellulite reduction, and all over bespoke body treatments. It really works and we’re delighted to be supplying it.

We can do you a buttock lift, a tummy tuck, some tummy contouring or even a jowl lift, but come and chat to us about it and we’ll make a recommendation based on what you want to achieve.

The lipofirm MED platform also has a microneedling option so that we can offer you the Pyramid Facelift, this is a very exciting option which combines microneedling and TriPollar stimulation to increase collagen production and improve elasticity. It’s the facelift without the scalpel, it really is.


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